Bitrix24 is an internal management system of informational resources used to optimize internal communications and team work aimed at completion of tasks, projects, and documents.

Bitrix 24 is a comprehensive set of tools used to organize internal operations of a company.

Bitrix24 also includes the following functional blocks and modules:

The task management system allows to:

  • plan a project, manage tasks, monitor their performance by subdivisions;
  • monitor deadlines;
  • distribute roles in task accomplishment;
  • perform time-tracking per each task;
  • generate reports per each task;
  • create and use task templates;
  • integrate tasks with Bitrix24.Disc and Bitrix24.CRM;
  • operate in Extranet together with partners and customers;
  • present tasks in a form of design schedulers – the Gantt chart.


Automation of business processes

The Business-Processes Module is a universal and convenient mechanism created in order to manage business-processes, that take place inside a company and may be controlled using the Portal. Ready-made or customized templates may be used during implementation of the Module.

Bitrix24 is a simple and user-friendly system that secures explicit management of business-processes for any company. The service is utilized as a powerful software in order to build-up business processes, viz.: payment of invoices, keeping on internal and outcoming documents, preparation of applications, delivery notes, etc.

Online documents

  • joint access to viewing and editing of documents;
  • an option of joint discussion of documents;
  • integration with such online services as Google Docs and Microsoft Office Online, including storage and work with files in .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx;
  • work with documents in the system and in the local machines;
  • storage of change history;
  • smart document search


Bitrix24.Disc provides space for storage of documents and files; access is available from any device or place with Internet.

All corporate information has been gathered in one place and the files have been protected against accidental deletion. Working papers of your employees won't be ''lost'' in their personal computers, email boxes or storage spaces.

Сервис создает резервную копию всех рабочих файлов и сохраняет их в облачном хранилище под надежной защитой.

It is integrated with One Drive, Google Drive and Dropbox. Files from ''external'' cloud drives may be added to the Buzz, task or calendar, and they will automatically be added to the Disc.


An electronic calendar compatible with an email agent and a scheduler will help you to efficiently organize your business day and teamwork.

Modules and Functionality:

  • a scheduler;
  • a corporate Internet calendar;
  • absence schedule;
  • meetings and regular discussions;

Open Lines



Bitrix24.Mail is a ready-made mail server for your company.

  • free emails;
  • email boxes @bitrix24 or your domains;
  • a free domain for your emails;
  • notifications on new emails;
  • unlimited space;
  • an antivirus and anti-spam.

Corporate messenger and business chat

A built-in corporate messenger allows employees to quickly exchange information and make prompt decisions. Message exchanging is available from any device - computer, tablet, or smartphone.

A collective chat or a video call option (up to 4 people) in order to resolve work issues in cooperation.

Human Resources Module

has the following options:

  • visualization of the company's structure;
  • generation of a general database of employees, including personal cards of employees and searching;
  • database search process;
  • surveys of employee and assessment of results;
  • differentiation of employees access rights to information on the portal;
  • automation of HR department operations.

Corporate Social Network

  • Buzz – an interactive feed of events on the corporate portal;
  • message exchanging;
  • the 'Announcement service in order to communicate to employees new orders and other executive documents;
  • photo gallery;
  • integration with external social networks, viz.: VK, Facebook, and Telegram.

Mobile Application

Bitrix24 mobile app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Services offered by R52.RU in respect of acquisition and implementation of Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is offered in 2 main versions: a cloud service  and a packaged solution.

These products are practically identical in their basic functionality. However, the package has a wide range of settings that offer greater customization options, original business processes and logic, as well as a lot of usage options for the functional api and corresponding integration purposes, while the Cloud version offers the built-in modules only.

Bitrix24 Cloud Service

Bitrix24 cloud service is a software delivery model by 1C-Bitrix, which includes development of software, renting servers and installation of applications, ensuring access and storage of information, providing support and maintenance, making and recovering of backups, and securing customer access to the software over the Internet. Access is granted upon registration.

Tariff Project CRM + Tasks + Team Company
Cost per month Free-of-charge 2990 RUB. 2990 RUB. 5990 RUB. 11990 RUB.
Employees connected to the system 12 6 24 50 Unlimited
Administrators Basic feature set Advanced feature set Advanced feature set Advanced feature set Professional feature set
Cloud space 5 GB 50 GB 50 GB 100 GB Unlimited
Packaged integration Order now Order now Order now Order now Order now

Btrix24 Packaged Solution

Btrix24 Packaged Solution is a licensed software package, that is deployed, maintained and administered personally by the client using its own server capacities.

Редакция «1С-Битрикс24» CRM Corporate portal Enterprise
Price 59000 RUB. 139000 RUB. 199000 RUB. 299000 RUB. 399000 RUB. 699000 RUB.
Users up to 12 up to 50 up to 100 up to 250 up to 500 1000 and more
Packaged implementation Order now Order now Order now

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